Welcome to SethRowan.com, a website dedicated to a soulful pursuit of my love for tattoo, art, and creation. My whole life I have been an artist, and created things in different mediums. Since the early 2000s I have practiced and studied tattooing. It wasn’t until I received encouragement and support from some key people that I was able to fully pursue my passion as a professional tattoo artist.

Living in Bend, Oregon has been an awesome experience. It has proven to be a melting pot of all kinds of artists and creations that have heavily influenced me. Oxygen Tattoo was a landmark downtown studio, owned by Derek Youngberg and operated like a hub for tattoo and underground art. Being exposed to the positive and creative vibes around Oxygen and Bend gave me my inspiration for endless new styles and innovation.

Every tattoo project for me is a way to progress and flex my creativity. I enjoy new technical challenges as well as traditional and untraditional styles of tattooing and art. Tattooing and getting tattooed is a truly spiritual experience, and I look forward to every minute spent during the process.